First Quarter 2017 Update

Hello Philanthropy Community!

We’re excited to be doing our first quarterly update for the Simplify Initiative. These updates will be one way we tell everyone about our activities, so you can check back for news on a regular basis.

First, for those who haven’t heard the details about the new Simplify Initiative, a recap: At the TAG Annual conference in November of last year, we announced that the Simplify Initiative was expanding beyond it’s initial scope to include new tools, new resources, new efforts, and new goals. Our focus is now on actively promoting awareness and adoption of 30+ tools that support the sector by enabling better sharing of nonprofit data, better sharing of funder data, and improving funder processes. We’ll be building out this website to be a more comprehensive knowledge center, with regular updates to be as current as possible. We’ll be working directly with tool providers and GMS vendors to foster broader use of the tools. We’re presenting at conferences and hosting webinars to help users take advantages of the tools. And we’ll be offering some direct support to funders to help them integrate the tools with their software systems and business processes. We’re dedicating more resources to help make all of this happen, including bringing on a project manager.

The most important thing happening right now is that we are about to put out our Awareness and Adoption Survey (starting February 15th). We’ll be sending out info and a link to the survey soon. We hope everyone will participate, so it can be as successful as possible. The survey will help us gauge organizational awareness about the different tools, the level of adoption for each tool, and obstacles that make adoption difficult. We’ll be using the results of the survey to understand where we need to put our efforts over the next couple of years, and we’ll rerun the survey once per year to track our progress. We’ll also share the results of the survey publicly so everyone can see how things are going.

Other things we’re actively working on include: adding more information to the website about the individual tools and GMS integrations, presenting at the San Francisco TAG regional meeting (February 9th), participating in the upcoming GMN annual conference, and starting work on a detailed assessment tool that funders can use to evaluate which tools might be most helpful for them to consider adopting.

We’re looking forward to talking to many of you directly over the coming months as we ramp up our outreach efforts. In the mean time, feel free to contact us with any questions or input you may have.

Poney Carpenter, Project Manager, Simplify Initiative