Fourth Quarter 2017 Update – Learning From You

During the last quarter, we spent a lot of time talking one-on-one with grantmakers, and it’s been very enlightening.

In our discussions, grantmakers let us know that they have a lot of interested in risk management and improved processes around using data, and that translated into a lot of interest in the tools on the website. Anyone who hasn’t checked out should do so soon!

Foundations seemed somewhat split on the idea of sharing their data with the Foundation Center. A little over half said they were already doing so or were very willing to start doing so, but the rest wondered about the value it provided and weren’t convinced it was worthwhile. We believe the grantmakers and the sector benefit quite a bit from this type of data sharing, so we’re working to demonstrate that value and we hope we can convince more of you to start participating.

The level of interest in the BRIDGE ID, which has the potential to facilitate better tracking of non-traditional grantee organizations (including international grantees, sub-organizations, fiscally sponsored organizations, and others) is VERY high, and we are planning on working with the partner organizations that created the system to help make it more usable hands-on for everyone.

Finally, we found that most organizations have been hesitant to implement the GuideStar for Grant Applications (G4G) system, and what some of the challenges around that have been. We’ve shared your feedback with GuideStar and hope they will improve the system, based on your suggestions.

We’ll be at the Annual TAG Conference in New Orleans from November 6th through 9th.

  • There will be a learning lab each day around lunchtime where you can stop in and talk with GuideStar, the Foundation Center, NGO Source, and the folks at Stanford who created the tools website.
  • Poney will be available for grantmakers interested in having one-on-one discussions about how the tools the Simplify Initiative is promoting could benefit their organizations. Contact Poney Carpenter at or 607-379-1120.