About Simplify

What is Simplify?

Simplify is an initiative of the Technology Affinity Group (TAG) which promotes using technology to streamline the grantmaking process.

Simplify brings together key parties and builds partnerships that:

  • educate foundations about existing tools developed within the sector
  • promote new ways of simplifying grantmaking processes
  • help the sector develop open data standards

By adopting tools for sharing nonprofit data, improving funder processes and sharing funder data, foundations will share more data, improve efficiency, and deliver better outcomes.

Tools + Adoption => Data Sharing => Less Process => More Purpose => Better Outcomes


How is the Simplify Initiative Expanding?

Simplify’s first data-sharing tool focused on streamlining grant applications by providing easy access to grantees’ core information. Now the Simplify Initiative is broadening its scope by expanding its focus across a number of tools and providing a dedicated staff person to provide education and technical support.

  • Many More Tools – Simplify will focus on tools which support and streamline the grants management life cycle.
  • New Knowledge Centersimplifynow.org will expand to include case studies, example implementations, discussions boards, FAQs, a blog, and more.
  • Increased Staffing – Simplify has dedicated personnel to create new resources and engage with technology partners and vendors.
  • Active Promotion of Adoption – Simplify will actively promote adoption of the tools it supports through direct outreach, webinars, and conference presentations.
  • More Partnerships – Simplify will work directly with tool providers, GMS vendors, and consultants to ensure all parties are well informed and have the resources they need to serve our shared audience.
  • Direct Support for Funders – One place to learn about many tools from different partners.  TAG members will have access to one-on-one support.