. October 2017 – Simplify Initiative: Fourth Quarter 2017 Update – Time to Get Our Hands Dirty

We’re diving in and working with grantmakers one-on-one. Come read the details.

. July 2017 – Simplify Initiative: Third Quarter 2017 Update – Learning From You

We’re diving in and working with grantmakers one-on-one. Come read the details.

. May 2017 – Simplify Initiative: Second Quarter 2017 Update – Survey Highlights

We’ve finished reviewing the responses to our Awareness and Adoption survey. Click to check out the results.

. March 2017 – has a new video for technology leaders

Managing and governing digital data is a new core responsibility of nonprofits and foundations and should be viewed as both an asset and a liability. The Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford PACS has a new video to help technology leaders to use to begin the discussion about data governance with foundation leadership….

. February 2017 – Simplify Initiative: First Quarter 2017 Update

We’re excited to be doing our first quarterly update for the Simplify Initiative. These updates will be one way we tell everyone about our activities, so you can check back for news on a regular basis….

. November 2016 – Announcing the Expansion of the Simplify Initiative

Simplify is an Initiative of the Technology Affinity Group (TAG) which promotes using technology to streamline the grantmaking process. By adopting tools that improve funder processes and share funder and nonprofit data, foundations and nonprofits can spend less time (and money) on process and more time on the purpose of their missions. These tools facilitate data sharing, increase accuracy of data, and improve efficiency, leading to better reporting and benchmarking, and ultimately to better outcomes…

. January 2016 – Introducing the New GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles

GuideStar’s vision is to drive philanthropy by increasing nonprofit data collection, distribution, and innovation. Today, we take a giant leap toward further achieving that vision…

. September 2015 – Simplify Featured in GMNsight

Embrace Data Sharing to Help Nonprofits Focus on Impact…



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