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  • Saves Time/Money
  • Increases Accuracy of Data
  • Improves Completeness of Data
  • Provides Ability to Benchmark Foundation Data
  • Ability to Better Understand the Sector

Organization:  Consortium:

  • Foundation Center
  • GlobalGiving
  • GuideStar
  • TechSoup

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There are currently no products associated with the Bridge ID, and therefore no costs. There may be costs with products released in the future.

Tool Type:

A registry, or database, of nonprofit’s unique BRIDGE identifier numbers.


From the BRIDGE Registry website:

BRIDGE (Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities) is a project of four nonprofit organizations: Foundation Center, GlobalGiving, GuideStar, and TechSoup.

BRIDGE assigns a unique identification number, known as a BRIDGE Number, to individual social sector entities around the world, including non-governmental organizations, programs, and projects and to other social sector entities, such as schools and churches. Each BRIDGE Number is randomly generated and unique to an organization.

Far more than a numbering system, however, BRIDGE also exists as a registry, or database. Nonprofits can find their own unique BRIDGE Numbers, and partners can obtain information from the registry in bulk for their own databases. Currently totaling approximately three million NGOs, BRIDGE aims to streamline information sharing in order to better understand and track the flow of philanthropic dollars and thereby enhance transparency and effectiveness in the global social sector.

Implementation Details:

Bridge IDs are currently implemented only within the internal systems of the partner organizations. They are not integrated with other software such as Grants Management Systems. This is likely to change in the near future, but at the current time, there are no integrations.

Grantmakers can ensure their organizations are assigned a BRIDGE ID by using the Foundation Center Updater tool. They can help ensure their grantees to get BRIDGE IDs assigned by encouraging them to update their profiles with GuideStar.

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Participating Vendors:

None at this time, but we expect integration by several software vendors in the future.


None at this time (outside the internal adoption by the four partner organizations that developed the system).

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