Tool Profile – Data Arts (Cultural Data Project)


  • Improves Completeness of Data
  • Provides Ability to Benchmark Organizational  Data
  • Ability to Better Understand the Sector

Organization:  Data Arts (Cultural Data Project)

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Free. There are no costs to use the Data Arts system.



From the Data Arts website: DataArts offers a richly detailed portrait of the finances and activities of applicants, all in one standardized, consolidated platform. Our applicant management tools, analytics, and support also inform wise decision-making. The rewards go deep. Grantmakers who work with DataArts bring transparency, accountability, and equity to their grantmaking.”

Implementation Details:

Data Arts is a web-based tool, and does not integrate directly with other software systems.

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There are 114 participating grantmakers and over 12,500 participating arts organizations in 17 states plus the District of Columbia.

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