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  • Increases Accuracy of Data
  • Improves Completeness of Data
  • Provides Ability to Benchmark Organizational Data
  • Ability to Better Understand the Sector

Organization:  Foundation Center

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There are no costs to participate in the EReporting program.



The Foundation Center maintains the most comprehensive database of grantmakers and their grant activity in the US (an increasingly for international grantmakers as well). Most of those grantmakers report data about their activities to the Foundation Center via the EReporting System. Once the Foundation Center receives this data, they map it to the coding in the Philanthropy Classification System, and make it available in a variety of tools that serve the sector. By participating, grantmakers can view their own data on the Foundation Maps tool.

Implementation Details:

Many Grants Management Systems already support reporting data directly to the Foundation Center via the EReporting system (see below). If you use one of these GMS systems, you can ask you vendor about how to enable that functionality.

It is also possible to participate in Electronic Reporting by using a Microsoft Excel template (available on the tool web page) and email your data to the Foundation Center.

There are more details about implementation on the tool website (see link above).

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Participating Vendors:

  • Altum
  • Bromelkamp
  • Common Grant Application
  • Cybergrants
  • Fluxx
  • Foundant
  • foundationConnect
  • GivingData
  • Good Done Great
  • GrantedGE
  • JKGroup
  • MicroEdge GIFTS Online
  • MicroEdge Alta
  • MicroEdge FIMS
  • MicroEdge GIFTS
  • PhilanTech
  • SmartSimple
  • Stellar Technology Solutions
  • Versaic


Over 1200 funders currently report their data to the Foundation Center via the EReporting system.

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