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From the website: “The Philanthropy Classification System (PCS) describes the work of grantmakers, recipient organizations and the philanthropic transactions between those entities. The Center’s Classification System in based on the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) and has been expanded over the last three decades to include the emerging work we have evidenced while capturing and indexing the work of the sector on a global scale.”

The taxonomy offers codes for the following areas: Population Served, Subject, Organization Type, Support Strategy, Transaction Type, and Geographic Area Served.

Implementation Details:

To implement the Philanthropy Classification System, funders should configure their Grants Management System with the taxonomy (or a subset thereof) the same way they would with any other set of codes. GMS Vendors can often offer support for this process.

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We do not currently know when GMS vendors offer access to this taxonomy within their software.


We do not have information on the number of funders utilizing this taxonomy for coding their grants.

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